Tempo Torture – Legs and Abs German Volume Training

Tempo Torture – Legs and Abs German Volume Training

Legs and Abs for Muscle Mass WOD #42

In honor of my favorite baseball player Jackie Robinson, WOD #42 is going to push me harder than my usual workouts! As I remember what he did for the game of baseball, he broke the color barrier and became the first black athlete to play Major League Baseball. He distinguished himself as one of the game’s most talented players and demonstrated that you aren’t defined by the color of your skin… You are defined by the hard work you put in and the difference you make in people’s lives… Rookie of Year, lifetime batting average of .311, 197 stolen bases (19 steals of home), an MVP award and six All-Star Game appearances. A true phenom. Jackie, this one is for you!

Nothing works better for muscle-building than the tried and true German Volume Training Method… If you have the fortitude to try this, the gains can be well worth the grueling effort!

Today’s WOD

Barbell Squat 10×10
Rest for 90 sec

Glute Machine 10×10
Rest for 90 sec

DB Leg Curl 3×15-20
Rest for 60 sec

Seated Calf Raises 3×15-20
Rest for 60 sec

Abs Workout (the finisher)
Weighted Knee Tucks 3×15
Rope Ab Pulldowns 3×15

This workout is high volume so don’t bother trying to blast through it. Remember, the focus is strength, so take your time and work on controlled sets that allow your body to take on heavy lifting (2 minute rests in between sets).

If you aren’t focused on volume training and want a different workout, give this strength workout a shot!

HIIB Chest Workout


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