Producer Mentality

Producer Mentality

 Move from Being a Consumer to a Producer

 How do you start your day?


Do you look to see what you’ve missed on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat?

I make sure to start every day as a producer, not a consumer.

Waking up with a producer mentality means that you aren’t mindlessly grazing on everyone’s Facebook statuses.

If you begin your day checking the news, checking your email, checking notifications, you’ve created the habit of grazing a mindless consumption…


Today, we live in a world full of materialistic-minded individuals.

We are constantly being bombarded by thousands of marketing advertisements convincing us to buy things we honestly don’t need but buy anyways because we try to impress the people we don’t even like.

It’s too easy to spend your hard-earned money.

Money is just an electronic figure to most of us.

We spend our money because we love the instant gratification of seeing a package shipped to our front door.

Lenders know this, and they are sharks out to get a piece of your future earnings. The descent short-lived feeling of owning something new will eventually become a long-term catastrophe if you become a slave to debt.

Possessions you can’t afford will destroy your financial freedom, as well as your earning potential and soon after it will affect your health/relationships with others.

Gary Vaynerchuk states:

“there is no correlation between the amount of money you make and the amount of happiness you have.”

If you save your money, you’ll become a winner someday.

The key is patience.

Don’t focus your time and energy to only look rich. Have self-discipline and work hard for the things you want.

Have the mindset of a producer; be driven by the idea to innovate and provide this world with amazing products and services that give value to others.

Everyone has this ability. It’s in all of us.

See yourself as an innovator, entrepreneur, businessperson, creator and a producer of added value.

Instead of spending money, invest.



Changing your mindset is no easy task, but it’s possible if you really want to. Here are some ways to help you change to a producer mindset.

Pay Yourself First

As soon as you get a paycheck, channel some of that into a savings account or ETF index fund (SPY Index Fund).

At a young age, setting aside 10%-20% of your income monthly is a great start.

You’ll instantly feel the gratification when you save your money.

Become Financially Educated


Try to see everything you buy as a business deal with room to negotiate.

Become a smarter consumer, educate yourself on taxes and the monetary system, and subscribe to Market News or Seeking Alpha to learn more about investing. (links provided below)

If You Want Long-Term Success You Need to Create Value

 Don’t try to make a quick buck and scam people. Think about how to create products with real value in other people’s lives.


Live a Minimalistic Life

IMG_4223It’s not what we receive in life that matters, it’s who we become. It’s the constant battle with yourself to push your limits and grow.

This brushes off to others and acts like a spark, attracting others along the way to raise their standards.

Have great supporting people around you, they are ultimately the people worth your time and create memories that you can’t put a price tag on.



It may take some time, but embrace the process. Trust that investing in yourself and saving your hard-earned money will take you on the right path towards financial freedom.

If you follow this advice, you’ll soon realize that your creativity and innovation may provide goods/services others can consume.


Make Today Count.






How to invest in the S&P 500 click below:


Hey Everyone! I'm really excited to announce that I will be officially starting cooperbrunnerfitness! To give a quick overview, I will basically be discussing concepts or frameworks I've learned through research that I believe are critical to learn to become a disciplined, successful individual in all aspects of life. Your probably wondering.. Why are you all of the sudden deciding to become a blogger? Well... For years I have been studying/reading about influential people (Warren, Gary V, Tony Robbins, Zuck, Jobs..) that began with nothing and incrementally worked their way into becoming successful entrepreneurs. My hope is that while writing these blogs, I can ultimately inspire you to change your life and conquer those challenges you face everyday that block you from your goals. By no means am I saying that everything I talk about is the magic secret to success, but by reading the content I write about, hopefully you can take away some small tips/advice that can help inspire you to create ways on improving your life and the others around you. MAKE TODAY COUNT.

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