Podcasts That Make You Think About Life | Perfect For Long Commutes

Podcasts That Make You Think About Life | Perfect For Long Commutes

Driving on the open road is the best time to sit back and catch up on your podcasts. If you are looking for funny, comical, informative, educating, motivational podcasts, you’ve come to the right place! These podcasts below are geared to provide you with not only a good chuckle, but they are also great for self-improvement and creating discipline in your life. Podcasts are great to listen to when traveling, running, or simply curious about a specific subject the podcast talks about. Here is a list of the top 4 podcasts to listen to.

Starting with Number 1: Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan Experience

What you’ll get out of this podcast:

  • A new perspective on life from 100’s of different people. He will feature a variety of different personalities, I find it extremely entertaining.

Top 3 Episodes to Listen to:

  1. #1212 David Goggins “Taking Souls”
  2. #1254 Dr.Phil “How to become a winner in life”
  3. #1208 Jordan Peterson “Building Real, Memorable Relationships”
  • Be prepared to laugh your a** off! Joe is a hilarious dude, definitely listen to episodes with Joey Diaz, Eddie Bravo, Theo Von, Tom Segura, and Ari Shaffir

Podcast Number 2: The Ed Mylett Show

Ed Mylett Show

What you’ll get out of this podcast:

  • I like this podcast because it keeps me in the right mindset. Life throws you all of these distractions your way, it’s hard to stay the course. This podcast refuels me and puts me back where I need to be.
  • Teaches you how to build self-confidence.
  • How to take your emotions out of your decision making. Learning how to control what you can control and not worrying about things you can’t control.
  • The list goes on and on… You can learn so much about yourself through this podcast, If you are struggling to find an edge or something that will motivate you, definitely check this show out.

Podcast Number 3: Ben Greenfield Fitness

Ben Greenfield Podcast

Okay so not going to lie, he is sorta out there and weird and talks like a robot… But don’t let that bother you because he brings up some valuable information when it comes to health, fitness, and nutrition. Ben has gone through countless endurance events (ironmans, marathons, etc. and has some highly intelligent doctors jump on his podcast to talk about intermittent fasting, biohacks, REM sleep, etc. What I like most about his podcast is how unorthodox his diet methods are, he uses science-backed evidence to conclude what certain foods can do for your body and how they can help with boosting testosterone.

Podcast Number 4: Cooper Brunner Podcast

Cooper Brunner Podcast

Okay, so call me biased for adding my own podcast on here but hear me out! Why I find my podcast so useful is because it’s super condensed and not dragging out for 2-3 hours like Joe Rogans or Ben Greenfields. Sometimes it gets a little annoying to here them talk about non-sense and small chat, I like it when they get to the exciting bits of their discussions, but that takes a while and I lose interest pretty quickly. My podcast is valuable because I take discussion ideas from the podcasts above, do my own research around those topics, and hit the play button to share with you guys my findings or observations/personal experiences. To learn more and listen to my podcast, click here or click on the link below to subscribe and get updates on new episodes.


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Hey Everyone! I'm really excited to announce that I will be officially starting cooperbrunnerfitness! To give a quick overview, I will basically be discussing concepts or frameworks I've learned through research that I believe are critical to learn to become a disciplined, successful individual in all aspects of life. Your probably wondering.. Why are you all of the sudden deciding to become a blogger? Well... For years I have been studying/reading about influential people (Warren, Gary V, Tony Robbins, Zuck, Jobs..) that began with nothing and incrementally worked their way into becoming successful entrepreneurs. My hope is that while writing these blogs, I can ultimately inspire you to change your life and conquer those challenges you face everyday that block you from your goals. By no means am I saying that everything I talk about is the magic secret to success, but by reading the content I write about, hopefully you can take away some small tips/advice that can help inspire you to create ways on improving your life and the others around you. MAKE TODAY COUNT.

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