How to Gain Muscle and Size Quickly Through German Volume Training (Workout #4)

How to Gain Muscle and Size Quickly Through German Volume Training (Workout #4)

If you have been following the GVT workouts, this will be week 2 of training. For this style of training, you need to slowly add on more weight to ensure you are challenging yourself. In every exercise you perform, add 5 pounds. On the chin-ups, simply put on a weighted vest or use a dip belt and add on a 5 pound plate. We call this progressive overload. Last week, your body got shocked and you probably felt a deep soreness the day after your workout. Welcome to bodybuilding. Every week we are going to add weight, so make sure you can perform 10 reps for 10 sets for optimal gains by eating a lot of quality food and get plenty of sleep.

What is German Volume Training?

Made popular by strength coach Charles Poliquin, GVT involves a lot of volume, 90 second rest intervals, and a specific time under tension tempo for each rep. You perform three workouts over five days and repeat that cycle six times, making it a complete 30-day program focusing on muscle hypertrophy. When people start this method, they often question its value during the first few sets because the weight doesn’t feel heavy or that the sets are too easy, but many people don’t understand the physiology behind it. This is a demanding program, it will take you longer to recover so just doing 3 workouts a week is enough for your body to grow and build muscle at a substantial rate. Specific to this method, eating a lot of calories and taking in plenty of protein is essential, otherwise you will be too sore to complete the next workout and you won’t see the progress you’re looking for. If you have the guts to stick it out for 30-60 days, this training method will be very rewarding, easily packing on 8-10 pounds of lean tissue onto your frame.

Does German Volume Training Build Mass?

It’s the tried and tested method that many successful athletes have used to pack on mass and lean muscle. With a large amount of volume, it can also be a phenomenal way to improve your strength under fatigue, a useful skill to have. The program works because it targets a group of motor units, exposing them to an absurd amount of volume thus making the body adapt to substantial stress by hypertrophying the muscle fibers. However without eating the right amount of calories you will struggle to recover, so as you go through this training program make sure you are eating big to get big!

Day 4: Chest & Back (add 5 pounds to each exercise from last week)

A: Decline Bench Press (4 sec down- 0 – 2 sec up tempo)
10×10, 90 sec rest.

A: Chin-Ups (4-0-2)
10×10, 90 sec rest.

B: Incline DB Flyes (3-0-2)
3×12, 60 sec rest.

B: One-Arm Dumbbell Rows (3-0-2)
3×12, 60 sec rest.


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