HIIB #25 Chest and Triceps

HIIB #25 Chest and Triceps

High Intensity Interval Bodybuilding
#25 Chest And Triceps Workout

This program introduces a concept that will make you work harder in the gym but for only HALF of the amount of time that you would normally spend on normal workouts. No more countless hours of cardio needed to get lean! Originally designed by Pat O’Shea and made popular recently by Ryan Fischer, high intensity interval bodybuilding is one of the most efficient ways to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. 
The combination of high intense cardio and weight training will increase your work capacity, melt away body fat, and enhance muscle hypertrophy.
Personally, I love this workout protocol because it’s time-efficient and explosive. Burn fat while spending less time in the gym AND build lean muscle? It’s a no-brainer. 
However, these explosive workouts are extremely difficult and taxing on the body, so come prepared to put in the work!

Main Focus: Chest and Triceps

Workout Protocol 3 Days on, 1 Day off

Decline Bench Press 5×8
Slight Incline Alt DB Bench 3×8
Cable Flyes 3×10

Skull Crushers 4×8
Dip Machine 4×8
Reverse Grip Cable Tricep Pushdowns 4×10

Finish with DB Shrugs 3×10

Abs 3x
15 Accordions
10 Trunk Twists
20 Flutter Kicks

When you mix bodybuilding with HIIT, it simplifies your training and increases your ability to balance out your physique. In other words, it’s easier to focus on things your lacking, like bigger biceps, bigger chest, or legs. I love this style of training because it is constantly challenging you and making your workouts EXCITING. No workout is ever the same and you can focus on body parts while adding in conditioning for fat-loss.

If you enjoyed this high intensity interval bodybuilding workout, be sure to check out all of my workouts in the HIIB program! Below is another HIIB workout specifically crafted to burn stubborn fat and build muscle! Share this with a friend and get after it in the gym!

You have this ONE life. Live fit and encourage others around you too as well.

– Cooper


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