Hacking the Body Naturally to Increase Testosterone

As someone who is obsessed with learning about the body and how it can be pushed to its limit, it’s only natural for me to provide you all with some research on testosterone and fill you all in on specific ways to naturally increase it. In this post I want to give you some workout strategies, natural foods to help improve testosterone, and ways to “biohack” the body. First off, lets clearly define testosterone.

In a article from Medical News Today, testosterone is the hormone that is “responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics. These hormones are chemical messengers that trigger necessary changes in the body.” [1] Females produce testosterone as well, but this is normally in smaller amounts. [1] Testosterone regulates bone mass, fat distribution, muscle size and strength and red blood cell production. In simple terms, increasing your testosterone levels will provide your muscles and organs with the oxygen needed for peak performance and increase your ability to pack on muscle size and strength.

Okay, so now you have a basic understanding of what it is, I want to give you a few studies on workouts that tend to increase testosterone levels.

Exercise #1 Sprints

In one study [2] from the Department of  Physical Education and Sports Science at Tarbiat Modares Univeristy, testosterone levels increased dramatically when performing six 35m sprints with a 10-second rest in between sprints. Not only did their T-levels boost significantly (I am abbreviating Testosterone to T-levels for the entirety of this post) they also stayed at a high level post workout. Some people refer to this as the “after burn effect.” I am not going to dive deep into this concept, but essentially this theory leads us to believe that sprints or HIIT workouts have the ability to put your body into a state where it can effectively burn calories at a significant rate post workout. There were some studies done at Colorado State University, but the evidence is not strongly conclusive. So how can you put this strategy to work? You can perform sprints on the treadmill. Just do 5-10 short sprints no longer than 10 seconds, 3 times a week, to enhance your T-levels.

Exercise #2 Lift Heavier Weights

The Hex bar or kettle bell are great tools to use when trying to incorporate heavy lifting. Heavy squats or performing heavy deadlifts are ideal. To get a great boost in your T-levels, you would need to lift heavy 2-3 times a week. To optimize heavy lifting workouts, give yourself plenty of rest in between sets (at least 120 seconds).

Exercise #3 Variable Resistance Training

Elastic band training is another great way to enhance T-levels. This strategy can push your muscles to the limit by making them do “forced reps”. In a study done by Dr. Doug McGuff [6], his method or training “Body by Science” is doing one set using elastic bands till failure. His training method demonstrated a high hormonal response and is another effective way to enhance T-levels.

Exercise #4 Leg Training

In general, performing moderately heavy leg exercises like squats, lunges, or deadlifts can increase T-levels. [5]


One thing to note: When striving to increase T-levels, avoid chronic cardio sessions. Performing long duration cardio will decrease T-levels; The body will cause catabolism in order to maintain its weight and start to decrease muscle. [7]

Natural foods that increase T-levels

Cocoa Powder

Nitric oxide is a molecule that is naturally produced in your body. Having good nitric oxide production is great for your health because it allows nutrients and oxygen to navigate throughout the body in an efficient manner. In contrast, having small amounts of NO levels has shown to increase your chances of diabetes, heart disease, and erectile dysfunctions. Polyphenols  in cocoa may help support nitric oxide levels. If your body has low NO levels, it may cause your blood vessels to narrow which leads to poor circulation. Consuming roughly 30g of cocoa powder a day that you can add into your shakes may help with efficient blood flow in the body and increase circulation. [8]


Another surprisingly great T-level booster super food is a herb called Fenugreek. Native to the mediterranean region, this herb or seed can boost libido or T-levels. It has been shown to increase your insulin releases prior to eating your first meal in a fasted state. Studies [9] suggest that a high release of insulin in the body  increases blood flow to the muscle, thus stimulating muscle protein synthesis which provides the body the building blocks for muscle growth. [9]

Last interesting topic that has been trending lately…

Biohacking the body with a EMS Machine?

EMS Training (Electromagnetic stimulation)

This is a highly debated workout tool in the fitness world and a huge trend within the CrossFit world. Several big named athletes like Matt Fraser have been advertising that EMS/TENs machines may help with muscle recovery and inflammation. There was a study done which showed that low-frequency electrical stimulation can increase total levels of testosterone (DHEA-S) however these studies aren’t conclusive or heavily researched. [10] Many of the CrossFit icons out there have claimed that putting this EMS device on their legs while performing a series of squats/lunges can increase T-levels and muscle hypertrophy, but at this time there is no conclusive evidence to confirm this workout to be effective.

Do you have any questions for me? Thoughts or feedback for me about anything I discussed? Leave your comments below and I will reply!





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